complex body part

complex body part
a particular complex anatomical part of a living thing

he has good bone structure

Hypernyms: ↑body part
layer, ↑apodeme, ↑calyculus, ↑caliculus, ↑calycle, ↑tooth, ↑pad, ↑gill slit, ↑branchial cleft, ↑gill cleft, ↑gill arch, ↑branchial arch, ↑gill bar, ↑peristome, ↑syrinx, ↑bulb, ↑carina, ↑cauda, ↑chiasma, ↑chiasm, ↑decussation, ↑cingulum, ↑concha, ↑filament, ↑filum, ↑germ, ↑infundibulum, ↑interstice, ↑landmark, ↑limbus, ↑rib, ↑blade, ↑radicle, ↑plexus, ↑rete, ↑tube, ↑tube-shaped structure, ↑passage, ↑passageway, ↑fundus, ↑funiculus, ↑head, ↑cavity, ↑bodily cavity, ↑cavum, ↑root, ↑tooth root, ↑capsule, ↑uvea, ↑lens nucleus, ↑nucleus, ↑membranous labyrinth, ↑bony labyrinth, ↑osseous labyrinth, ↑glans, ↑alveolar bed, ↑valve, ↑vascular structure, ↑lacrimal apparatus, ↑cytoskeleton, ↑nucleolus organizer, ↑nucleolus organiser, ↑nucleolar organizer, ↑nucleolar organiser, ↑centromere, ↑kinetochore, ↑aster, ↑neural structure, ↑fold, ↑plica, ↑gyrus, ↑convolution, ↑cartilaginous structure, ↑ball, ↑plate, ↑horny structure, ↑unguis, ↑skeletal structure, ↑costa, ↑bridge, ↑rotator cuff, ↑cornu, ↑corona, ↑receptor, ↑zone, ↑zona

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